West Palm Beach Drug and Alcohol Rehab

One of the most difficult things that someone can deal with is a drug or alcohol addiction. There are many common misconceptions about addiction. If you have never struggled with an addiction or had a loved one who struggles with addiction, it’s hard to understand. To them, drinking and/or using drugs is simply a choice. We know that no one chooses to become addicted to a substance, and we know that addiction is actually a disease. Seeking treatment for your disease, however, is definitely a choice.

Addicts or alcoholics have the choice to treat their disease with rehabilitation, cognitive behavioral therapy, 12-step programs, intensive outpatient therapy, or a combination of the above programs and therapies just as the cancer patient has the choice to treat their disease with radiation, chemotherapy, alternative therapy, and/or surgery. If you live in West Palm Beach and you are suffering from addiction or alcoholism or if you are looking for an answer, you should definitely call us today at (352) 771-2700.

Different Recovery Programs to Know

There are different approaches when it comes to addiction or the treatment of it. So that you can get a better idea of the most effective recovery program for you, it’s a good idea to learn about all of the different types of recovery programs.

SMART Recovery

A 4-point program focusing on self-empowering addiction recovery, the SMART Recovery program includes teaching techniques for self-directed change.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

A kind of psychotherapy that has the goal to alter negative behaviors and thought patterns, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is utilized in almost every rehabilitation program.

Group Therapy

In group therapy, patients work through their substance abuse issues in groups which is effective for many people.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is an integral part of any rehabilitation program and any addict’s recovery.

12-step Programs

The most popular recovery program in America, 12 step programs used in such groups as Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) are very effective for a wide range of people.

All Recovery

In meetings for All Recovery, all of the different recovery programs are honored, and everyone is supported.

What You Need to Know about Dual Diagnosis Treatment

It is very common for adults to have both substance abuse disorders and mental illnesses. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health estimated that 8.1 million adults had both types of disorders in 2015. Among these patients, the number of patients who received either substance abuse treatment and/or mental health care in the past year is 48 percent.

It is even more important to seek treatment if you are one of these patients with co-occurring disorders. If you aren’t careful, substance abuse can easily control your life. If you aren’t careful, mental illnesses can easily control your life. Together, both of these things can destroy you. This is why it is so important for you to find the treatment you deserve.

“When I got to The Recovery Village, I was a broken woman. The staff really pushed me and encouraged me to continue my work to recovery. It turns out that attending The Recovery Village is the best choice I have ever made in my entire life. I have learned so much in my time at The Recovery Village on a mental level, an emotional level, a spiritual level, and a physical level. I now have a strong group of people who have my back and who will help me stay sober. I have regained my sense of confidence in the world and been shown so much love and happiness. I owe everything to The Recovery Village.”
– Selena

“The moment I stepped into The Recovery Village, I felt that everything was lost. I left a new man. I was full of optimism and hope, and I knew that things could be turned around. Thank you so much Recovery Center!”
– James D.

Rehabilitation in West Palm Beach

If you suffer from drug or alcohol addiction in West Palm Beach, it may seem like it’s impossible to get the help that you deserve. Fortunately, all you have to do is give us a call today at (352) 771-2700 so that the counselors at our preferred treatment provider can talk to you and help you to formulate a treatment plan that works for you. Once you have completed a treatment plan, you will be able to resume the things that you truly love doing like visiting McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary, taking a stroll in Downtown West Palm Beach, or soaking in the culture at the Norton Museum of Art.