Panama City Beach Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Are you sacrificing your life to drug addiction? Does it feel like all hope is lost? Are you in despair?

There is a way to turn your life around. You did not choose to suffer from addiction. Treatment is available to you, and you are definitely a person who can get help. It’s simply a matter of picking up your phone to call (352) 771-2700. It’s essential that those suffering from drug or alcohol addiction in Panama City Beach seek treatment.

There is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to asking for help. It takes bravery and courage to stand up and ask for the help you need to treat your addiction and begin recovery. You can’t control the fact that you have an addiction, but you can control whether or not you ask for help. Not asking for help is a good way to send your life crumbling around you.

The Detoxification Process

Detoxification might be a required thing for any patient that is dependent upon a substance. In this process, the patient needs to eliminate the harmful substance from his or her body.

Detoxification may be a necessary process for anyone who enters into a rehabilitation program. Patients who are actively using the following substances may need to go through this process:

  • Sleep medication (Lunesta, Ambien)
  • Benzodiazepines (Xanax, Klonopin)
  • Narcotics (morphine, codeine)
  • Pain medication (hydrocodone, OxyContin)
  • Alcohol

Various Treatment Programs

In regards to the treatment programs, our preferred treatment provider, The Recovery Village, provides several different choices.

Partial hospitalization program (PHP)

Much like the residential treatment program, patients will receive round-the-clock care with less monitoring.

Residential treatment

Doctors, therapists, and medical staff work together to provide patients with round-the-clock care and individualized treatment plans.

Outpatient program

This program will help recovering addicts take gradual steps from rehabilitation to living in the real world.

Intensive outpatient program (IOP)

Addicts and alcoholics are in a rehabilitation program all day, and then they go to one of the facility’s housing communities or to a supportive home at night.


The addict or alcoholic will be given a plan to prevent relapse and to also stay connected to therapy and recovery meetings.

What You Need to Know about Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment

It is not unusual for adults to have both mental illnesses and substance abuse disorders. In 2015, it was estimated that 8.1 million adults had both substance abuse disorders and mental illnesses by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. 48 percent of patient who suffered from a dual diagnosis also received substance abuse treatment and/or mental health care in the past year.

If you are one of these patients with co-occurring disorders, it is even more imperative that you seek treatment. Substance abuse can easily take over your life if you aren’t careful. Mental illness can also take over your life. Both of these things together can be a horrible combination. It’s essential that you try to find the treatment you need.

“I had a very messed up childhood and a very bad history with drug addiction and alcoholism. I have tried so many rehabs before, 12-step programs, and recovery programs. Sometimes I got a few months of clean time, but it never lasted. I always relapsed. Until I went to The Recovery Village. At The Recovery Village, I was able to go to a place I had never been able to go to with the staff and the therapists, and I was able to look at my addiction in ways I never had before. My life was completely changed, and now I have been clean for two years.”
– Chris A.

“The Recovery Village has a very welcoming crew, and I love all of the counselors there. They have really great bonding activities for everyone, and their program is designed in a way that is meant to work for each individual person. I met everyone in the rehabilitation program from the alcoholic to the painkiller addict to the street cocaine addict, and the rehabilitation program worked really well for everyone I met.”
– Sean F.

Rehabilitation in Panama City Beach

Do you have a problem with drugs or alcohol? Do you live in Panama City Beach? If so, there is hope to be found. After you complete your rehabilitation program—whether you enroll in a residential program, a partial hospitalization program, or an outpatient program—you will be able to get back to the activities you enjoy like running on the beach at the Beach at Panama City, enjoying the great outdoors at the Pier Park, or watching the dolphins swim at Water Planet.