Gainesville Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Do you feel like drug addiction is taking over your life? Do you feel like everything is lost? Hopeless?

There is a way out. Addiction is a disease you did not ask for. The most important thing you can do is seek treatment. Help is out there and available to you. The only thing you need to do if you are an addict or alcoholic in Gainesville is pick up the phone and call (352) 771-2700.

Asking for help should never be something you are ashamed to do. You will have to find the courage to ask for the help to seek the help you need to treat your addiction and begin your long-term recovery. If you don’t ask for help, you will find that you are doing a selfish and cowardly thing, and your life is going to come falling apart at the seams. Maybe it won’t do so today or even tomorrow. But the road for all addicts and alcoholics leads to the same destructive place if you don’t seek help.

Detoxification: What You Need To Know

Detoxification might be a required process for an addict or alcoholic who has become dependent on a substance. The patient needs to rid his or her body of the substance that is harmful in this process.

The following is a list of substances or medications that may require the detoxification process before a patient can begin a rehabilitation program:

  • Pain medication (hydrocodone, OxyContin)
  • Benzodiazepines (Klonopin, Valium)
  • Narcotics (morphine, codeine)
  • Alcohol
  • Sleep medication (Ambien, Lunesta)

The Different Treatment Programs

When considering treatment programs, The Recovery Village, our preferred treatment provider, has a number of different choices.

Outpatient program

Rehabilitation programs where the patients do not have to stay overnight.

Intensive outpatient program (IOP)

A slightly more intensive version of the outpatient program where the patients still go home at night.

Partial hospitalization program (PHP)

A residential treatment that is similar to a hospitalization.

Residential treatment

Treatment that requires less monitoring where the patient stays in a rehab facility round the clock.


The patient is provided with a plan for after rehabilitation.

Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment: What You Need to Know

In 2015, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health reported that 8.1 million adults had both mental illnesses and substance abuse disorders. The survey also found that 48 percent of this group received treatment in the form of substance abuse treatment or mental health care.

For those who have a dual diagnosis, it is even more important to seek treatment. Mental illnesses can be a huge ordeal that you have to deal with every day, and addiction can also be a horrible affliction you have to deal with every day. Having both addiction and mental illness can make you completely unable to function. This is why it’s so important for you to seek treatment.

“I always thought that because I was addicted to medication that I was prescribed by my doctor that it wasn’t really a problem because it was legal. But that wasn’t the case. It turns out that Valium is more addictive than many illegal drugs, and it’s a huge problem. Luckily, the staff at The Recovery Village really helped me figure out ways to not only cope with not taking benzos but to also naturally address my anxiety issues that the benzos addressed. I am so grateful to The Recovery Village.”
– Crosby D.

“The Recovery Village has a great staff. They are all so nice, supportive, and experienced. They all know what they are doing, and they all really know their stuff when it comes to addiction and addiction treatment. I am so glad that I went to The Recovery Village for my addiction problem.”
– Ashley B.

Rehabilitation in Gainesville

If you live in Gainesville and you struggle with drug or alcohol addiction, you may feel that everything is lost and that you will never find your way again, but that is not the case. When you complete your rehabilitation program, you can get back to your life. You can do things like study at the University of Florida, take in the nature at the Florida Museum of Natural History, or enjoy the gardens at Kanapaha Botanical Gardens.